Eish!!! Samthing Soweto Apologises For Flopping During His Idols SA Performance (Video)

Eish!!! Samthing Soweto Apologises For Flopping During His Idols SA Performance-Surge Zirc SA
Samthing Soweto/Photo File: Twitter

The Idols SA 2019 season finale was so lit that it kept a lot of people talking. Fans were very impressed by the performances but that of Samthing Soweto really disappointed them.

In case you missed the show let me fill you in, so as Samething Soweto went on stage and the crowd went crazy, he performed his hit Akulaleki. He was joined by Shasha and her vocals.

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Yooh, and I can’t explain what happened there he was just off tune and if I were to say he was bad, it would simply be an understatement.  But then again we all realised that it was actually autotune, without it he doesn’t do well. His performance was just a flop and viewers weren’t impressed.

Here’s a clip of his performance:

 It was even before he finished his awful performance that viewers took their disappointment to twitter. Yeyi, we trust iblack twitter, they roasted him and before you knew it he was trending, people went as far as comparing to Mandoza. Now, that’s how bad his performance was.

The Akanamali hitmaker already knew that he was bad when it comes to live performances and admitted to it. My question is why did he accept the gig? Well, let’s make that a cup of tea for another day.

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The singer took it to twitter and apologised to his fans for his performance. He recorded a long video where he humbled himself. In the video, he says that he saw the comments on twitter and he noticed that he was a bummer.

He goes on to say that he’s never been able to master performing on Idols. Samthing Soweto says that the reason for constantly flopping on Idols is because of the atmosphere and the large crowd. He went on to explain how he felt like a lost cow whilst he was on stage.

Catch his video below:

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