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Disney+ Will Stream Simpsons Episodes Exclusively

Disney+ Will Stream Simpsons Episodes Exclusively - Surge Zirc SA
Disney+ will stream the Simpson episodes exclusively thereby shutting down Simpson World completely / Photo file: engadget

Disney+ grabbed The Simpson episodes as a streaming exclusive, but we weren’t expecting the end to come so soon. Do not expect to see an independent Simpsons World as it has shut down, making Disney+ the only platform where all Simpson fanatics can watch every episode even though it’s barely available.

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The Disney+ grab on the show will make it accessible to people who do not have cable subscriptions and outside of the US as well, it will also pushes cable TV patronizers to pay extra if they want to witness Lisa’s perpetual motion machine or Homer’s near-death experience.

We don’t think this would have been much of a problem if not for the current condition of The Simpsons on Disney+. As it stands customers are all limited to cropped widescreen versions of old episodes.

Anyone who want to watch them in their full 4:3 glory will have to exercise some patients until early 2020. Fans who maybe thinking of returning to the Simpsons World to keep viewing them will not be able to do so.

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This condition will not make much difference to customers who still have the Simpson discs as they can be watching that until Disney+ is already, but it shows the dangers of hurriedly going through transitions and streaming exclusively.

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