Trevor Noah’s Mom On The Wrong Side Of The Law Again

Trevor Noah's Mom On The Wrong Side Of The Law Again-Surge Zirc SA
Trevor Noah and Mom/Photo File: Surge Zirc Media

Trevor Noah’s mom, Patricia Noah, has found herself in the courtrooms one more time and she seems unbothered!!!

The world comedian’s mom was summoned by the small claims court for failure of paying services rendered to her by Elliot Mabua who is an electrician.

The electrician claimed for an amount of R4 500 which is due to him. Patricia owns over 50 properties around Joburg. The electrician stated that he rendered services at one of her units. The small claims court ruled in favour of Mabau and ordered Trevor Noah’s mom to pay an amount of R4 500.

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Knowing her to be stubborn and always enjoying to be dragged to courts Patrica refused to pay the amount. In the past, she had given the law her middle finger when one of her properties led her to court.

Now, she’s doing it again! She has refused to pay the amount owed to the electrician even after the ruling, she’s saying that she never requested for his services. She filed a motion at the South Gauteng High Court asking for the small claims court judgment to be set aside.

In her papers, she said she never mandated Mabua or his company, Elliot Electricals, to provide any electrical repairs at any of her properties.

She said the work Mabua claims to have done at her unit at Sedgefield can only be sanctioned and paid for by the Sedgefield body corporate as it was their responsibility to maintain the property.

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Trevor Noah’s mom further said she’s also demanding for Mabua to refund her an amount of R1 500 she already paid to him following the small claims court judgment.

“I made a payment of R1 500 to the first respondent in order to avoid further penalties while I do a proper investigation on the alleged electrical services rendered,” she stated in her papers.

When Mabua was reached he said that she was lying as she was the one who called him.

“She is the one who called me and said she needed my services at her unit at Sedgefield. She gave me the directions to the place. Otherwise, how would I have known where the place was?” he asked.

“She has been owing me since last year, and that’s why I went to the small claims court. I worked hard on that unit doing repairs on the DB boxes and rewiring the unit. She must pay me and stop wasting my money on courts.”

Hayi no!!! Trevor Noah’s mom is rather embarrassing her son who’s ranked one of the world’s wealthiest comedians.

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