Big Ups!!! Gigi Lamayne Gives Back To The Unemployed (Video)

Big Ups!!! Gigi Lamayne Gives Back To The Unemployed (Video)-Surge Zirc SA
Gigi Lamayne/Photo File: Instagram

WOW!!! Now, this is so thoughtful of Gigi Lamayne. South Africa’s unemployment rate is the highest in the world, in fact, unemployment is one of the biggest national crisis that feeds two of the country’s other big socio-economic challenges: poverty and inequality.

Our youth, in general, are the ones that are being hit hard by this challenge leading them to crime. What better way is there than seeing the youth empowering one another?

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Gigi Lamayne has done just that – taking it to her social media, the young artist shared a video on how she is taking it upon herself to change the country.

She captioned the “If you’re unemployed and need placement In these fields, watch this video and contact: Contact Details:
[email protected] Tel: 0113126283 cell:(084) 733-2830 Let’s get SA working! We launch on 23 November 2019!”

In the video, the Fufa hitmaker said this opportunity is for people in different fields, including plumbers, electricians, and domestic workers among others. She also mentioned that applicants can earn from R5000 to R1200 a month.

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WOW, we stan her and SA needs to give her a round of applauds!

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