Home Tech Software ‘Fortnite’ Fans Will Be Allowed To Play As Stormtroopers (WATCH VIDEO)

‘Fortnite’ Fans Will Be Allowed To Play As Stormtroopers (WATCH VIDEO)

'Fortnite' Fans Will Be Allowed To Play As Stormtroopers - Surge Zirc SA

Fortnite fans can now host a party to celebrate Jedi: Fallen Order which has received enough decent reviews, and would be available pretty soon. The version comes with a slick new Star Wars stormtrooper cosmetic skin and is available in Fortnite‘s store or may be available for free if you buy Fallen Order on the Epic Games store.

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If you’d rather not bump your head while battling, you’ll still get some Star Wars perks in the form of a (barely visible) Imperial Destroyer currently floating around the Chapter 2 map.

Epic Games has modified Fortnite into a promotional ad platform for Avengers, John Wick, Batman and other games, films and even shoes and albums as well. Those items are highly loved and used among game lovers, and Epic wisely plays on that by offering them on a time-limited basis.

We found that the standard stormtrooper skin is strictly cosmetic, but it is a freebie if you were planning to buy Jedi: Fallen Order. It’s now available for a limited time (until November 30th) and costs 1,500 V-Bucks if purchased separately.

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You may also have a lot more items on their way coming, as it’s described as “Part of the Original Trilogy set” in the Fortnite store.

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