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Microsoft AI Will Assist Doctors Diagnose Cervical Cancer Faster

Microsoft AI Will Assist Doctors Diagnose Cervical Cancer Faster - Surge Zirc SA
Gynecologist doctor consulting and having diagnostic examination on a woman patient’s health in medical clinic / Photo file: Engadget

Microsoft AI assisted cancer detection is looking to be more than just a convenience, ”it should be the major deal to getting a diagnosis in the first place” the brand thought. Microsoft and SRL Diagnostics have jointly developed an AI tool that helps detect cervical cancer.

The development will reduce the work load on doctors in India and other countries where the volume of patients are alarmingly high.

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In other to aid the system perform better in detection of the cancer, the developers fed it thousands of annotated cervical smear images so it can spot abnormalities, which include pre-cancerous examples that warrant a closer look.

With the above, doctors would only be concerned with looking at those slides that justify real concern.

A framework on how to use the AI is now ready for an “internal preview” at SRL. Although, it’s not available for use in the field now, but it’s far better than other AI cancer screening methods that never get to exist beyond the experimental stage.

There is a reason we think this will be quickly finish up and roll into the field for use, as TechCrunch noted that about 67,000 women die of cervical cancer in India every year, or could be associated to more than a quarter of the deaths worldwide.

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Even with such devastating figure of women who die of this disease, there’s just a handful of doctors that can process pap smears and assist women take proper action.

SRL alone receives over 100,000 samples per year, and 98 percent of those are normal. Now, the AI would allow doctors focus on just the two percent of samples that are problematic and help women start treatment earlier.

Source: Engadget Medicine

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