“I’M SCARED FOR MY LIFE!” Enhle Gets Protection Order Against Black Coffee Amid Divorce

I AM SCARED FOR MY LIFE! Enhle Gets Restraining Order Against Black Coffee Amid Divorce Drama-Surge Zirc SA
Black Coffe and Enhle/Photo File: Twitter

Enhle Mbali might walk away a very rich woman as she and Black Coffee were married in community of property!!! But is the pain and all the drama with going through?

It has been a nasty ride between the Maphumulo family and the Mlotshwa’s. The two families have laid their dirt in public and Enhle Maphumolo is falling apart.

It all started when a French-based businesswoman Cathy Guetta started warming up DJ Black Coffee’s sheets. From the day Enhle discovered what her husband has been up to with their family friend she has been an emotional rollercoaster.

She has been unstable, the former Mrs Maphulo first went on to delete all their pic on social media then unexpectedly changed her surname (Maphulo) back to her maiden surname. Here’s a shocking part Enhle has file for a protection order.

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Hmmm, guess who she is filing it for? Well, she filed the protection order against Black Coffee’s sister Nomalanga Maphulo, his mother and against her former hubby the international DJ.

In her court application, Enhle Mbali says  Black Coffee’s mother Faith Ndadala arrived at her matrimonial home on September 27 to bully and verbally attack her.

In what seems like a war over assets in the wake of their closely guarded separation, Mbali claimed that Dandala hurled a plethora of insults at her and even told her that she has no claim on the property as she and Black Coffee were not married in community of property. Which she disputes and says they are married in COP.

She said as she was on the receiving end of Black Coffee’s mother’s insults, Lungi, as Nomalanga is fondly known, arrived like a “ball of fire” and also subjected her to a barrage of abuse.

“Lungi came and was repeating what my mother-in-law was saying… that my lawyers can’t do anything as it is not my property.

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It was getting heated and I left [feeling] bullied, attacked and unsafe,” reads her application in part.

She said when she implored Nomalanga to stop visiting abuse on her, she ignored her and instead threatened her and told her that she didn’t know who she was and that she would show her.

“I’m going through a divorce and suffer from depression and their act will trigger me. I’m doing well with both psychologist and psychiatrist,” she said.

She asked the court to prohibit Nomalanga from committing any act of domestic violence against her or not to get another person to commit any act of domestic violence against her. She also asked the court to bar Nomalanga from entering the property.

“I feel unsafe as the threats of violence still have me on the edge.”

A close source confirmed that Black Coffee has also been very abusive towards Enhle and he’s the main cause of her depression. The source also said that Black Coffee has been a womaniser since day one but Enhle thought he would change, he verbally, physically and emotionally abused her.

The source also confirmed that Black Coffee was restrained by Enhle’s uncles from entering their Sandton home.

Hmmm, now this is rather sad, any thoughts surge readers?

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