Eskom: “No Load-Shedding Expected This Weekend”

Eskom: "No Load-Shedding Expected This Weekend"
Eskom has warned that although no load-shedding is expected this weekend, the system remains “extremely constrained and vulnerable” / Photo file: Screengrab

Although no load shedding is expected this weekend, the system remains “extremely constrained and vulnerable” and any move could prompt burden shedding at short notice, Eskom has cautioned.

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It said that unplanned breakdowns were presently above 10,500MW and given the need to keep on renewing crisis saves, the likelihood of load shedding remained, yet would possibly be executed if completely vital.

“We remind customers that any unexpected shift, such as additional unplanned breakdowns or the unavailability of diesel for our open cycle gas turbines or water levels at pumped storage schemes, could result in load-shedding at short notice.

“As communicated in the Summer Plan on 4 September 2019, unplanned breakdowns above 9,500MW require the use of emergency resources at a high rate and they increase the probability of load-shedding if the supply constraints are sustained for a long duration,” the power utility said in a statement.

It said its specialized groups were “working tirelessly” to return units from planned and unplanned maintenance and to replenish emergency reserves.

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“A concerted collective effort to reduce demand can further help to lessen the level of load-shedding. And as such, we strongly urge customers to assist by helping to reduce demand by using electricity sparingly.”

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