Open Letter To #KFCCouple “Beware Of Audio Money”

Open Letter To #KFC Couple "Beware Of Audio Money"
Engaged couple / Photo file: Screengrab

Dear KFC couple

It’s most imperative we write you this open letter in respect of your social media success which comes after you got engaged at KFC outlet.

Following your non-stop trending on Twitter note that people would naturally want to associate with your hashtags for publicity purposes.

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Be that as it may,  we kindly advise that you continue the planning of your wedding within your budget, not relying on any of the social media promises while drawing up your plans as most of those promises are audio promises (promises made on air that will never be fulfilled).

You’re not the first to receive attractive promises like what’s going on now on Twitter neither are you the second. May I draw your attention to Tacha BBNaija who received promises of cash after she was disqualified from the reality show only to get home and discover that no one was willing to redeem the pledges and was audio money.

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Also, remember the case of the petrol attendant who assisted a white lady and she further called for crowed funding as compensation and was later told the fund will go to charity.

Just to mention a few.

Be sure of only to count on gifts you’ve received and not those on air.

Wow! That was from an undisclosed identity who forwarded his opinion to Surge Zirc SA.

But we think he has a point, does he? Well, this is the list of all promises, I repeat just promises of individuals chasing for clout.

Let’s get your view!

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