ITHI UNAMANGA!!! Sho Madjozi Finally Meets John Cena (See Video)

Sho Madjozi With John Cena/Photo File: Twitter

NO THIS IS WAY UNBELIEVABLE!!! Is this the same Sho Madjozi that we know? The one who had difficulties with signing up with a recording label.

Well, yes our Limpopo star has become an international household brand. Sho Madjozi was interviewed on the Kelly Clarkson show. Kelly asked if she’d ever had the chance to meet John, Sho said, “Oh no, of course not, not yet. I hope to meet him one day.”

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Little did she know that there’s a huge surprise in store for her. She was asked to perform her hit track John Cena and she stood up with lots of vibe.

So mughel is all flexible, shayi ivosho, literally setting the studio and audiences on fire. As she was still on her best performance guess who rocks up? Our favourite American wrestler himself, John Cena.

The Limpopo championship hitmaker couldn’t believe what she saw, she jumped and almost fainted out of joy.

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Watch the priceless video below. I have no words to explain what happened in that studio!

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