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Kanye West Said Its Next Yeezy Sneaker Could Be From Algae Foam

Kanye West Said Its Next Yeezy Sneaker Could Be From Algae Foam - Surge Zirc SA
Kanye West showing a sample of his algae foam produced sneaker / Photo file: Engadget

Kanye West business initiative takes more tour as he revealed that his next sneaker in Kanye West’s Yeezy line could possibly be produced from algae foam. The music star revealed a glimpse of what the shoe looks like today at Fast Company‘s Innovation Festival.

West said that he’s working on moving Yeezy headquarters to a 4,000-acre ranch in Wyoming. From there the brand can grow its own algae in a hydroponic farm without distraction.

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Producing stronger sneakers is indeed a great idea, but we are not sure how well this will perform in winning people over in the market as the sample Kanye West showed looks pretty much awful lot like the original Crocs.

They’re modeled following the Yeezy Foam Runner. The church leader and a rapper stated that the company is experimenting with alternatives to harmful dyes, but for now, the sneakers are painfully khaki, that we must say.

Kanye West didn’t really shock us much with the news that Yeezy is working on sustainable footwear. That’s an Adidas ideology, after all Adidas has been trying out things with eco-friendly designs for many years now.

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Adidas made a sneaker out of  ocean plastic in 2016. Moreover, its Futurecraft Loop is a recycle-able shoe that has been available for long, and it has promised to use more of recycled plastics in it productions in 2024.

Kanye West left us wondering when exactly will the algae-foam-derived Yeezy kicks will be available and when is the hydroponic farm movement taking place, as it didn’t say a word in respect of these.

Sources; Twitter, Engadget

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