Anele Mdoda Has Fans Embracing The “Gap” In Their Teeth

Anele Mdoda Has Fans Embracing The "Gap" In Their Teeth
Anele Mdoda encouraged women and men to embrace their gaps / Photo file: Screengrab

Anele Mdoda has started a “revolution” on the social media life, urging ladies crosswise over Mzansi to share snaps of themselves gladly flaunting the gap between their teeth.

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Everything began when a follower moved onto her page on Thursday to flaunt his gap and joked that “Anele has nothing on me”.

Anele reacted by telling malume that she is the gap.

Fans were rolling on the floor giggling and before long shared snaps of their own gaps.

From all around the nation, pictures overwhelmed in and filled TLs.

Before long Anele and #Tweetyourgap was inclining on Twitter as individuals gladly flaunted their grins.

While Anele’s gap has become Mzansi famous, some have dragged her in the past for it.

During a shade session a year ago over her comments about Kelly Rowland, American trolls referenced her gap and also body-shamed her.

She reacted by making them the jokes were  “so stale it’s like it came on the ships they left in”.

She also made it obvious she won’t let the hate influence her.

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“You are either new to me or new to Twitter if you think I give a flying horse about opinions about me. Either way, you are new. Welcome and enjoy the show.”

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