Want My Tummy Back!!! Fans Alarmed After Seeing Skinny Mampintsha

Want My Tummy Back!!! Fans Alarmed After Seeing Skinny Mampintsha-Surge Zirc SA
Mampintsha/Photo File: Surge Zirc Media

Mampintsha isn’t just fine, he’s apparently getting fit and eating h-h-healthy.

A lot of fans were concerned about the musician’s health after a fan posted a video of Mampintsha dancing and looking strikingly thin.

In the video, Mampintsha is seen dancing with his hands in his pockets. The fan captioned his video “No matter how drama he caused for attention let’s forget about it… I am really worried about Mampintsha’s health, please Mampintsha friends check on him. He is really not healthy”

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See the video below:

Hmmm, he is looking awfully thin…

But a source told Surge Zirc he “purposely lost weight because he was on tour and is trying to stay in shape.”

And another said: “Shimora is healthy and enjoying his time, he has reduced all his meals he eats healthy and doesn’t eat more than two slices a day.”

Hmm… being a manager and a boyfriend of a very beautiful girl with no brains isn’t easy… I see. It could be that he’s partying off all weight.

Social media had a thing or two to say about his health. Most of the things that were said were just not in favour of the Gqom manager who used to be fat with a big pot belly. We know how he has made a bad name for himself so his former fans went all out to diagnose him on social media.

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What do you think of his new look? Does he look healthy? Sound off in the comment box below!

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