EFF Gardee Retreats ‘Bomb Threat’ At Racist Angus Buchan Event

EFF Gardee Retreats ‘Bomb Threat’ At Racist Angus Buchan Event-Surge Zirc SA
EFF and Angus Buchan/Photo File: Surge Zirc SA

Infamous racist pastor Angus Buchan has caused a stir in the country on Wednesday for saying only Jewish and Afrikaans people have been in a covenant with God.

In a video clip circulated by EFF MP Floyd Shivambu, Buchan is heard saying, “remembering that only two nations in the world have ever been in covenant with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They are the Jewish people and the Afrikaans people. That is a fact.”

The evangelist was promoting the “Stand Up For Jesus” event planned on 1 February at Loftus Stadium.

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In fact, Buchan is no stranger to controversy himself. The outspoken pastor has made a series of brash claims over the years and is notorious for his anti-LGBQTI+ views. He suggested on his Facebook page that everyone apart from the two demographics he mentioned aren’t “pure followers” of Christianity.

A senior EFF leader has suggested bombs need to be placed inside the stadium.

The EFF’s Godrich Gardee has posted in a now-deleted tweet that limpet mines should be placed as booby-traps at Loftus Versfeld.

Angus Buchan Tweet/Photo File: Twitter

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The bellicose retaliation has led to calls for a hate speech prosecution against Godrich Gardee. AfriForum’s Ernst Roets has been particularly vocal on this subject. However, the senior EFF member accepted he may have crossed the line after being antagonised by the words of Angus Buchan.

Gardee has since posted an apology on his Twitter feed:

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