Trump Announced He And His Family Will Move Permanently To Florida

Trump Announced He And His Family Will Move Permanently To Florida - Surge Zirc SA
United States President Donald Trump has tweeted to update that he and his family would make Palm Beach, Florida their permanent residence /

United States President Donald Trump has announced Thursday that he and his family will change their permanent residence from New York to Palm Beach, Florida, stating that they had been “treated very badly” in New York by politicians despite his unquestionable love for the state and how much he pays to the state.

President Trump tweets, “My family and I will be making Palm Beach, Florida, our Permanent Residence.”

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“I cherish New York, and the people of New York, and always will, but unfortunately, despite the fact that I pay millions of dollars in city, state and local taxes each year, I have been treated very badly by the political leaders of both the city and state,” he wrote, adding that “few have been treated worse.”

Following a report by The New York Times, Trump, who is a native of New York and his wife Melania filed individual declarations of domicile in September changing their primary place of residence from Manhattan to Palm Beach.

Same report also stated that White House officials failed to welcome the development to say why the president changed his primary residence but cited a source close to Trump as saying the main objective of changing was for tax reasons.

Aside White House, President Trumps’ current residence will henceforth be their Mar-a-Lago resort, where Trump had already spent 99 days since he became the US president, compared to only 20 at his former main residence in Trump Tower.

“I hated having to make this decision, but in the end it will be best for all concerned. New York “will always have a special place in my heart!” Trump tweeted.

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Despite Trump’s acclaimed love for New York, it appears the city has not always loved him back, following series of demonstrations outside the Trump Tower, and Trump has butted heads with the city and state politicians too many times.

One of the most recent occasion was in the beginning of the month, when a federal judge for the Southern District of New York city trashed the president’s bid to block access to years of his personal and corporate tax returns, an action Trump never find funny.

Looks like New York authorities are happy that Trump came up with the move, with Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeting, “Good riddance.”

“It’s not like @realDonaldTrump paid taxes here anyway. He’s all yours, Florida,” he wrote.

Sources: AFP, SurgeZirc UK, Twitter

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