Thuli Pongolo Turned Down R100K For Staged Relationship

Thuli Pongolo Turned Down R100K For Staged Relationship-Surge Zirc SA
Thuli Phongolo/Photo File: Instagram

Did you ever think that Thuli Phongolo is a good actress? Well, it appears that some musicians think that she is damn good as they are willing to pay her to stage relationships.

When we speak of paying her it’s not just peanuts, someone out there is willing to pay her R100k in the pretence of a fake relationship. The Former Generations: The Legacy actress Thuli Phongolo has recently everyone’s brows on social media.

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She revealed how an artist whose about to release an album offered her R100k to act like they are dating and guess what. She turned it down and laughed the offer off.

Well, she says she did that because the amount was too low. Huh-h-h but then again she has never been a good actress so it might have flopped.

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LOL!!! So celebs can go to any length just for publicity. No wonder many of their relationships look fake. I can mention a few of those relationships but that will be a cup of tea for another day.

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