The EFF Pioneer Warns That Courts Could Be Falling Into Trap

The EFF Leader Warns That Courts Could Be Falling Into The Trap
Julius Malema / Photo file: Screengrab

The EFF pioneer cautions that courts could be falling into the snare of quieting opportunity of articulation.

“We’ve seen the hypocrisy under President Cyril Ramaphosa,” EFF pioneer Julius Malema said to media outside the Nasrec Expo Center on Monday while illustrating how the EFF’s spoilers were currently utilizing courts to take on conflicts against the party.

At the expo focus to declare the party’s subsequent National People’s Assembly, where its pioneers will be chosen toward the end of the year, Malema featured how the EFF’s detractors were currently utilizing courts and the law as a way to stifle restriction.

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There was a danger there, Malema stated, including that detractors had changed the way of doing battle with the party on the ground and were presently utilizing the courts.

“They are using the same apartheid tactics.

“Apartheid used the physical structures of prisons to lock those they disagreed with – they use money now. They take you to court and lock you up [using lawsuits].”

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He said the courts were “willingly or unwilling” falling into the trap of silencing freedom of expression and the exercising of political rights, because people who had money “can imprison you by imposing a heavy lawsuit on you”.

He cautioned that most resistance made due on political articulation as a way to “uncover the dirty tricks of the government”.

“All we do is to expose the shenanigans of government so that we can have a transparent government as opposition.”

He forewarned courts to be careful about constraining opportunity of articulation and political rights.

Utilizing previous president Jacob Zuma for instance, Malema stated:  “If the judges were like they [are] now… Zuma would have been protected and would still be president.”

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