Trash!!! Rami Chuene Promotes Her Daughter’s Nude Pics

Trash!!! Rami Chuene Promotes Her Daughter's Nude Pics-Surge Zirc SA
Rami Chuene/Photo File: Twitter

OH NO!!! This cannot be happening on our African soil. It took me some time to write about this Rami Chuene saga.

When I first heard of it I was like WTF, nigga can’t be serious, what did the so-called Christian lady do??? I am sure by now you also want to know what happened, right?

Well, our favourite The Queen actress Rami Chuene well known for her Tgom character just took the country by surprise and announced that she is supporting her daughter in selling her nude pictures.  Y’all probably think that it’s a lie fortunately we have that tweet right below.

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OH MY GAWD, it is true she even posted a naked pic of her daughter. So her mother, Rami Chuene, is urging her followers to subscribe to her daughter’s account. This is rather appalling. Why not show support by helping her pay for the said Culinary School instead of her having to do this? Is she telling us that she can’t afford to pay for the fees?

Meanwhile, tweeps were not impressed.

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Anyways, she’s pimping out her own child right? Drop a comment on the comment box below on how you feel, let her know your thoughts.

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Theo Bhengu
Theo Bhengu
8 months ago

Rami Chuene is not fit to be a parent. May be she wanted to be a prostitute herself and wants to leave that life through her daughter. Disgraceful.