A Picket In Protest Against Alleged Corruption By The Gupta Brothers

A Handful Of Protesters Gathered At The Gupta Compound
A picket in protest against alleged corruption by the Gupta brothers / Photo file: Screengrab

A picket in against alleged corruption by the Gupta siblings and to require their removal to SA finished rashly on Friday because of terrible weather.

The protest, organized by the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, Active Citizens Movement and Joburg Against Injustice, outside the Gupta compound in Saxonworld, Johannesburg, was gone to by about just 50 individuals.

One of the coordinators, Ride Pillay, said the picket was a representative motion to feature the harm made by the siblings who were all the while strolling free.

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“The Guptas have stolen the money of tax payers, diminished our democracy, yet they are still free in another country and have not been brought to justice. We are calling on the government of this country to do everything in its power to bring the Guptas back so they can face the law,” said Pillay.

Pillay said a few nations had made a move against the Guptas and SA expected to take action accordingly as an “essential nation included”.

The US as of late forced approvals against the Guptas and their business partner representative Salim Essa.

Then Sunny Morgan, of Johannesburg Against Injustice, portrayed the picket as a “favorable” event.

“What we are here to say is that the evil that was perpetuated in the house behind us, took place under the previous regime. It was a sense of betrayal because what they did is they robbed SA of billions of rand. We are here to say nobody is immune to the law, they must be extradited to SA to stand trial and to repay the money that they looted from state coffers. They have done an injustice to SA in a very big way,” he told the journalist.

The organizers were reprimanded by some for “hijacking” the Diwali festivities, yet they defended their purposes behind holding it on the eve of the Hindu strict celebration.

“Our protest here today is not against Diwali or the celebration of it. It is to highlight the very values that Diwali inculcates, which the Guptas have perverted over the years,” read a statement.

Morgan said the Guptas had, through solicitations to legislators and notable individuals, utilized Diwali to promote its plan.

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“The Guptas have appropriated Diwali as one of the mechanisms for them to exert influence and we’re reclaiming from the today because the symbolism of Diwali is about the victory of good over evil and that is why we have chosen this particular day,” he said.

The picketers required the administration to hold onto any advantages of the Guptas and to solidify any financial records having a place with the siblings.

One of the protesters, Khethiwe Marais, said she supported call the Guptas to be removed to SA to confront the law.

“I joined the protest to echo the sentiments behind the call for the Guptas’ return and to pay back the public money they stole in this country, I believe in this cause and believe as a country we need to rally behind the cause.”

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