China Draws-Up Plan To Unseat Hong Kong Chief Execitive Carrie Lam

China Draws-Up Plan To Unseat Hong Kong Chief Execitive Carrie Lam - Surge Zirc SA
Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam / Photo file: AFP

China is currently plotting a master plan to unseat Hong Kong beleaguered Chief Executive Carrie Lam, reported by Financial Times on Wednesday, following almost five months of pro-democracy demonstration ans absolute unrest.

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The pro-China leader has faced so much criticism from protesters in the semi-autonomous city, which has attracted the Chinese government who gave its support to her and the Hong Kong police, calling the protesters “rioters” and condemning the high level of unrest which the demonstration caused.

Following the FT report, Beijing is mapping out a plan to replace her with an interim chief executive. Though reports shows that implementation of the plan by China central government would depend on the situation in the city first stabilizing so that Beijing is not wrongly perceived as promoting violence.

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China government rejected the report and described it as “a political rumour with ulterior motives” and said through its foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying during a press briefing that “The central government firmly supports Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam… to put an end to violence and chaos and restore order as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, Hon Kong chief executive Carrie Lam’s office said it would not comment on mere speculations, when asked for response on Beijing’s plan.

Sources: AFP, SurgeZirc UK

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