SARS Attaches AKA’s House And Assets Over Unpaid Tax

SARS Attaches AKA's House Over Unpaid Tax-Surge Zirc SA
AKA/Photo File: Instagram

If there’s something that AKA learned very well from his ex Bonang is running away from the taxman SARS.

It was reported on Sunday that AKA owes SARS a whopping sum of R355 676.98 and his house and assets, including two BMW’s will be taken away from him. Yoh, I guess being the Fela in Versace ain’t all cracked up as it seems to be. It just all brands and debts.

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Fortunately for SARS, the Johannesburg High Court has granted SARS permission to escalate the case further, though they said that they can offer him alternative ways to pay.

It would have been possible for him to pay in small installments but when questioned about this AKA said he used his money to take care of his daughter Kairo in order to avoid maintenance court being on his case. WOOWWW!!!

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I guess we have a big shot superstar…. tax avoider!!!

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