Qwabe Twins To Take Idols SA To Court After Painful Exit (Video)

Qwabe Twins To Take Idols SA To Court After Painful Exit (Video)-Surge Zirc SA
Viggy and Virginia/Photo File: Surge Zirc SA

Idols SA released a statement on Monday that Viggy has quit the show after her twin sister Virginia did not make it into the Top 5. The Qwabe twins have been the highlight of the competition since it started a few months back.

The statement said: “After lengthy discussions, Viggy who still remained in the Idols competition post tonight’s elimination has decided to exit the competition. We would like to wish both Viggy Qwabe and Virginia Qwabe all the best in their careers as they are both extremely talented.

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It was with great sadness to learn that Viggy didn’t leave the show because she dependant on her twin but because of the constant bullying that both the twins experienced behind the cameras.

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Idols chose not to disclose the full facts, the Qwabe twins first reported their bullying incident when they were nominated in the top 17. In their first encounter Sneizy has said that they are uglier than Somizi without makeup.

Last night, Sneizy called the twins men thus led to a physical attack. Which led the Idols team trying to caution Viggy only and not the perpetrator, she then reasoned how the show has been unfair to them since the beginning. Viggy decided not to go ahead with the show.

A close family member said that they’re taking Idols SA to court for misrepresentation and taking sides and that unspeakable deeds that happened behind the scenes. Another close friend of theirs disclosed on twitter that they will hold a press conference on Tuesday.

Here is a video from Viggy to her fans:

It looks like Idols SA is constantly trying to break down our youth, seemingly the show acted bias in the matter of the twins. Hmmmm.

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