Huawei Wants You To Dive Into London’s River Thames For Watch GT 2

Huawei Wants You To Dive Into London's River Thames For Watch GT 2 - Surge Zirc SA

Have you ever wished to get your hands on a Huawei Watch GT 2, so much to dive into the murky waters of London’s River Thames? Anyways, if you have, then you’re good to go.

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Huawei technology has opened the world’s first “Dive-Thru” on the Royal Victoria Dock, which will hold free watches for swimmers that are bold enough to dive underwater to collect them back. bizarre PR stunt, which will happen on Saturday 19th October 2019, is created to showcase the Huawei GT 2 sporting capabilities, which from all indications include full waterproof casing.

The event will happen between 12pm and 4pm GMT, and so far there’s only a limited number of watches available, so get down early if you want the chance to dive for one yourself.

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We would love to get feed back from those who will dive. Send feed back to [email protected] so we can share your experience with others.

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