Boss Babes Moves!!! Busiswa Launches Her Own Record Label

Boss Babes Moves!!! Busiswa Launches Her Own Record Label-Surge Zirc SA
Busiswa/Photo File: Instagram

Yes, Babe!!! Rising up to her abusive baby daddy Busiswa has proved that she’s worth more than a mere baby mama.

The singer teased news of working with a can company, a world tour, and a new movement a couple weeks ago — and now we finally have more information about the ordeal!

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Busiswa has been under Oskido’s recording labeling for a very long time now it was just about time for her to move on. Though we didn’t think she will take such a great step.

Talking to Surge Zirc Media Busiswa said “I was with Kalawa Jazmee for six years and realised I had learnt enough. It’s time for me to be independent,”

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“Majesty Music is a place for royalty and queens. I’m looking for young new females who are ready to kick a** in the game,” she said.

She also added that she left Kalawa Jazmee after her contract ended last year.

“I’m not in a rush. I’m taking my own time to eventually achieve a business platform to provide mentorship to newcomers,” she said.

It sounds like artists signed to Majesty Music record label have full creative control of their own works though she only has one artist for now!

That’s like, a great deal, right?

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