OMG!!! Did Americans Just Call Anele Mdoda Pumba?

OMG!!! Did Americans Just Call Anele Mdoda Pumba?-Surge Zirc SA
Anele Mdoda/Photo File: Instagram

OH No, I really think that Anele Mdoda shouldn’t have gone down that road. She definitely knows how messy the streets of twitter get, what was she thinking!!!

It all started when Sizwe Dlomo twitted that Kelly Rowland was the prettiest lady in the Destiny’s Child group.

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Radio and Television personality commented in a since-deleted tweet by suggesting that Kelly was not as good looking as many people believed, it was only makeup that makes her look beautiful and she has proof.

Anele Mdoda’s deleted tweet

Then boom she brought what she calls receipts of Kelly without makeup.

LOL, tweeps in mzansi started bashing her just before we knew it Americans got involved and I cannot explain what they did to the poor lady.

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Eish, now that’s so painful as if that was not enough the whole Africa started disowning her, denying that she is from Africa but then again what was she thinking hayi abo Anele nabo bayaphapha yazi. 

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