173 Nigerians Repatriated From Libya Tuesday, 21 Medically Challenged

173 Nigerians Repatriated From Libya Tuesday, 21 Medically Challenged - Surge Zirc SA
Nigerian’s returnees fron Libya / Photo file: Saharareporters

NIGERIA – A total of 173 Nigerians have been repatriated from Libya early Tuesday morning. Some of the returnees confessed that they had entered Libya via different unrecognized channels with the intention to proceed to Europe as final destination.

The repatriated Nigerians includes men, women and children as well. They landed in Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos in two different flight, after which they were received by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

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The Coordinator, Lagos Territorial Office, Mr. Idris Muhammed, revealed that the returnees were brought back in a chartered aircraft belonging to Al Buraq Air with flight number BRQ189.14 and registration number 5A-DMG.MRA.

Mr. Muhammed further revealed that the first aircraft landed Murtala Muhammed International Airport at 04: 52am with 162 persons from Misrata, while another commercial airline landed 22 minutes after, at 5:15am with 11 returnees from Bengazil.

Registering the deported Nigerians shows that there were 52 female adults, four female children and four female infants and 106 men, two male children and five male infants.

Areni Aishat, 23-year-old from Ogun State, related the story of how she was deceived with the promise of taking her to United States of America where she hoped to practice catering.

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Aishat said she was a fresh graduate when she moved to Libya. Having finished her apprenticeship in catering, she quickly jumped to her aunties’ promise to help her travel to the US.

”She told me that she would pay for my transportation and that I would refund her when I start working there. I did not know that she was deceiving me until we left and embarked on the long journey,” Aishat said regrettably.

”It was my mates that revealed to me that it was Libya they were heading when she started making trouble that it was USA she was promised.”

Aishat who met the worst shock of her life when she got to Libya said, upon arriving Libya, the auntie told her there was no catering job for her anywhere and that the only job available was either to be a house girl or to be sold out to Connection House: prostitution network.

Aishat said she was in Libya for a period of 15 months and had paid her trafficker five months salaries of N90,000 per month. A task she must meet every month, which also made life even worst.

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“Libya is dangerous, it is either you are kidnapped, killed, raped, robbed or bombed. Nigerians are not safe there.

“I was helped back to the country when my mother went to NAPTIP office to complain and a phone number of a staff of Nigerian embassy was sent to me and it was the embassy staff that facilitated my return to the country. I am grateful to Nigeria Government for helping me back to the country,” she added.

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