WOW!!! AKA Finds Nasty C As A Threat And Takes It To Social Media

WOW!!! AKA Finds Nasty C As Threats And Takes It To Social Media-Surge Zirc SA
AKA and Nasty C/Photo File: Surge Zirc Media

Did AKA just admit that he is threatened by Nasty C? Oh hell yeah, it looks like Nasty C has more gigs than the Fela in Versace hitmaker and Mega can’t handle it.

AKA made social media statements of which were directed towards a certain rapper that’s currently touring the world and said that the rapper suddenly feels like he is better than every other person in the industry. LOL!!!

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Now, it wasn’t hard to figure out which rapper is currently touring the world. Well, it can only be the Ivyson Tours babe, that is shaking up our very own Megacy.

Let us look at how AKA shaded Nasty C.


LOL!!! I guess that what happens when you come across a Zulu man with some power, you just can’t help but shake. Anyways I heard that fans in Durban ain’t buying “AKA Orchestra” show tickets that will be coming up in Durban. Now, that explains his frustration.

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