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Older Roku Players Will Lose Netflix Support From December 1st

Older Roku Players Will Lose Netflix Support From December 1st - Surge Zirc SA
Roku / Photo file: Engadget

Older Roku player will no long be able to stream Netflix movies very soon. That said, you’ll need to upgrade your player as Netflix has announced that it will end support for Roku’s oldest players after December 1st. The affected Roku players includes the Roku HD, HD-XR, SD, XD and XDS and the NetGear-branded XD and XDS respectively.

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Before the termination date, you’re mostly likely going to get an alert if you’re Roku Player is affected, though Cord Cutters News said that a simple feature check is most likely to come up before the said date. Then if your Netflix application is not able to auto-play the next episode in a particular series, you’ll definitely have to move ahead.

We aren’t shock about this news following the fact that Roku itself had warned in 2015 that it would put a stop to updating all of its players that were produced in May 2011 or earlier than that. Those are vintage boxes that have stopped receiving new material a long time ago. So its possible a lot of people have updated and moved on a long time ago. Latest Roku players could cost about $30, and its possible that you already have a TV or game console with newest Netflix application.

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Some viewers may be confused on what exactly to do about this. Roku players had since stopped coming with composite and component inputs, so this is going to be a huge disappointment to those who would like to watch Netflix on an old TV that doesn’t have HDMI. So you are better advised to upgrade your set and player to be able to do so.

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