How About Quarter Mega Meal? Nandos Gives AKA His Own Meal

How About Quarter Mega Meal? Nandos Gives AKA His Own Meal-Surge Zirc SA
AKA /Photo File: Instagram

Nandos decided to get a new strategy, yes they have taken a chill on their funny adverts and decided to let AKA cash in.

If you’re as fast as myself you would have been able to read in between the lines already. Nandos has a WHOLE SPICY MEAL named after our love not to be loved by most rapper AKA.

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In a series of funny tweets, AKA revealed that he is collaborating with Nandos, hmmm what a move just after bagged the Rebook Sneakers deal now a restaurant!!! Do you perhaps think bought the franchise? Nah, I don’t think so I mean his net worth has gone down to 3 million so he couldn’t possibly afford it.

But one thing is for sure next time you visit Nandos you can order yourself a Quarter Mega Meal. Now that sounds extra hot and juicy, well for those of you who are still buying some fatty fried chicken because it is cheaper you can stop and run to Nandos.

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Megacy just took a nice move but as for me, I wouldn’t eat anything with his name, the guy is too bitter and rude the food might just shock me.

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