Moonchild: “I’ll Post My B*m Until You Like It” (Watch Video)

Moonchild: "I'll Post My Bum Until You Like It" (Watch Video)-Surge Zirc SA
Moonchild Sanelly/Photo File: Instagram

It looks like the infamous dancer, Moonchild Sanelly, is here to play with her booty and nothing more. Whilst shaking and showing us her booty she wants you to be comfortable with it and grow to like it.

Well, that was her message after she was bashed for the video that reduced her into nothing but a stripper. In the video Moonchild shared she could be seen, sitting on a chair flaunting her booty whilst someone is pouring drinking yoghurt on it.

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As you all know the notorious guys just fell for the whole act they were drooling all over the video whilst some of her fans mostly ladies told her that she has taken it a bit far. The advice of her fans didn’t go well with her she clapped back saying that she will do what she is more comfortable with.  “Also …I’ll post my b*m until u stop being shocked coz … it’s my comfort! I love no clothes so deal with it!”

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Speaking to Surge Zirc SA, Moonchild explained that the reason behind her booty videos was that clothes made her feel like she was in prison and she couldn’t twerk in prison.

She reflected on her younger years, saying she was often teased for having a big bum and now people were paying for a bum such as hers. “My bum is my confidence and I love it.”

Watch the video that had South African’s tongues wagging!!!


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The taste of HAZELNUT, find your voice and own your drip, boo beams!!! #kultureCafe

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What’s your take on this? Do you think that she has taken it too far or she is just enjoying her freedom of dancing and stripping, LOL!!! I mean this is mzansi were we’re entitled to so many rights since democracy happened, right?

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