Veteran Actor Vatiswa Ndara Proves That She Is Too Entitled

Vatiswa Ndara Proves That She Is Too Entitled-Surge Zirc SA
Vatiswa Ndara and The Fergusons/Photo File: Surge Zirc Media

Vatiswa Ndara needs to realise that it is highly impossible to live like your employer. Connie Ferguson was once an actress under some MK wealthy men. Did she protest? The answer is NO, she just decided to be her own boss the same applies to her husband.

The acting industry problem has now been labeled as the Ferguson problem. Shona and Connie are now carrying the whole industry on their backs. It must be nice to find a scapegoat.

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It comes as no surprise that when the same Vatiswa Ndara was with Roberta Durrant she did have the nerve to write such open letters, Oh is it because they are not 100% black-owned?

One important aspect that Ndara forgot to mention is that Connie Ferguson has been in this industry for years, she has her own businesses, for example, the cosmetic brand but you act as if she lives this lavish life through exploiting actors. Should she carry you, your bills, and Christmas spending because she hired you, speak of entitlement…..

IMPORTANT NO ONE STARTS A BUSINESS TO ENRICH ANOTHER PERSON I REPEAT NO ONE STARTS A BUSINESS TO ENRICH ANOTHER PERSON. Most of us are graduates and have never seen or smelled R25 k we work for multimillion-rand companies but get paid market-related salaries while the owners make a killing.

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Unfortunately, that’s the reality of most of us have to live with, nothing new here so why bring it to the tabloid. This is a sign of not being grateful and being bitter. We cannot blame the Fergusons for creating employment.  If you do not like the offer decline it, simple. Don’t go around social media trying to bring somebody else’s brand down.

Vatiswa has also been in the industry for long instead of crying foul play she must start her own production company then she will also have the benefits that her employers are currently enjoying YESS the show must go on. Let us not be dragging down another black man’s success we all need each other.

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