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Mobile Phone App Now Detects Eye Disease In Kids Via Photos

Mobile Phone App Now Detects Eye Disease In Kids Via Photos - Surge Zirc SA
A lady snapping a child with a mobile phone / Photo file: Engadget

Mobile phone app will now start dictating eye diseases in kids. Researchers have developed a CRADLE app (Computer Assisted Detector of Leukoria) for Android and iOS which uses machine learning to search for early signs of “white eye” reflections in photos, hinting at possible retinoblastoma, cataracts and other conditions.

The process will work regardless of the device you are using, and is frequently prescient to the extent where it can beat doctors.

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Scientists have tested the app with almost 53,000 photos of 40 children, half of whom they dictated have eye diseases. Out of those, the Artificial Intelligence system spotted 16 instances an average of 1.3 years before doctors made a diagnosis.

When retinoblastoma can start migrating to the brain in as little as six months after white eye becomes visible, this could save lives or reduce the damage.

The usefulness of the app is not limited by age. As IEEE Spectrum noted, even though, it tends to be more effective for kids who can’t always say what’s going on wrong with their eyes, parents are also more likely to look for issues with their kids’ eyes, frequently in the photos they take.

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Despite its tested and verified effectiveness, the developers have warned that the app isn’t FDA-approved and doesn’t constitute a diagnosis. Just like the Apple Watch’s ECG, you’ll still want to go to a doctor to get a more definitive result. Though it could give you the courage to get to th:e doctor faster, and we think that’s good enough.

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