”No Interest To Declare” UK Boris Johnson Replies To Arcuri Linked Claim

''No Interest To Declare'' UK Boris Replies To Arcuri Linked Claim - Surge Zirc SA
UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson with Jennifer Arcuri at an event in 2014 / Photo file: BBC

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson insist that there was “no interest to declare” respecting connections with United State businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri.

Allegations making round has it that Ms Arcuri received preferential treatment due to her relationship with the UK’s PM. Police watchdog are yet to conclude whether to investigate the prime minister for a potential criminal offense of misconduct in public office while he was still London mayor or not.

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While the police still contemplates, Boris assured that everything had been done “with full propriety”.

The claim against Boris, which was first spotted in the Sunday Times, alleged that Ms Arcuri business (company) partnership goals led by Boris Johnson when he was still mayor of London received several thousand pounds in sponsorship grants.

On Friday, Mr Boris Johnson was referred to the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC), whose job it is to oversee the conduct of the mayor and other members of the GLA by Greater London Authority’s monitoring officer.

When Mr Jonson was requested to say if he had declared any interest on the Andrew Marr show he said “there was no interest to declare. I was proud of everything I did as mayor of London,” he added.

The UK’s current Prime Minister fired at Sadiq Khan, the present mayor of London, saying that he “could possibly spend more time investing in police officers than he is investing in press officers and peddling this kind of stuff”.

Jennifer Arcuri had describes herself on social media as an entrepreneur, cyber security expert and producer. She started her career as a DJ on Radio Disney, and later moved into film where she wrote, produced and directed a short film that was sold at Cannes Film Festival.

As her career progresses, Ms Arcuri utilized her tech skills to create a streaming platform for independent film makers. As she started The Innotech Network in London, somehow she met with the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

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Ms Arcuri’s network hosts events to discuss tech policy, and Boris was the keynote speaker at the inaugural event in 2012. After then, Ms Arcuri proceeded to establish another company that known as Hacker House, which uses ethical hackers to find tech solutions for companies.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told newsmen that Boris Johnson have no questions to answer regarding claimed connections with the businesswoman.

“Any monies involved went through proper due process – this was a long time ago. Of course, in politics, there is always squalls and there are always debates about individuals,” she said.

Source: BBC

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