British PM Boris Johnson Faces New Brexit Vote After Stinging Defeat

British PM Boris Johnson Faces New Brexit Vote After Stinging Defeat - Surge Zirc SA
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he will seek an early general election if MPs attempt voting against him again / Photo file: AFP

English Prime Minister Boris Johnson supported for another standoff in parliament on Wednesday after an embarrassing annihilation over his Brexit methodology, with MPs set to decide on a law planned for obstructing a no-bargain flight.

Johnson has said he will look for an early broad decision if MPs vote against him once more, escalating a sensational political emergency in front of his October 31 Brexit due date.

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Johnson has pledged to remove Britain from the EU on October 31 whether a separation manage Brussels is set up, over three years after the choice vote to leave the European Union.

In any case, his rivals caution that Brexit without an arrangement will have tragic financial results and should be maintained a strategic distance from.

In an indication of the administration’s assurance, account serve Sajid Javid will likewise on Wednesday divulge another £2 billion (2.2 billion euros, $2.4 billion) of subsidizing to manage Brexit, including for new port foundation. Be that as it may, Johnson’s Conservative government is in confusion.

It lost its working dominant part in parliament on Tuesday after one of its MPs changed to the counter Brexit Liberal Democrats and, a couple of hours after the fact, it removed 21 MPs from the gathering for democratic against the legislature.

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“Humiliation for Johnson as Tory rebels turn against him,” read the front-page of the left-wing Guardian newspaper, while The Independent wrote: “Johnson loses control”.

Yet, the firmly eurosceptic Daily Express said revolutionary MPs had castes a ballot “to betray Brexit” and called Tuesday’s vote “another shameful day in our so-called democracy”.

The rebels included Conservative Party grandees, for example, Ken Clarke, the longest-serving individual from parliament, and Nicholas Soames, Winston Churchill’s grandson.

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