Trump Praises Danish PM After calling Her ‘Nasty’ Over Greenland Row

Trump Praises Danish PM After calling Her 'Nasty' Over Greenland Row - Surge Zirc SA
Trump said he got a call from Prime Minister Frederiksen, who he had previously called “nasty” / Photo file: AFP

United State President Donald Trump has lavished praise on Denmark’s prime minister on Friday, just two days after he cancelled his state visit to the country and slammed her for dismissing his idea of buying Greenland as ”absurd”.

Trump said he got a telephone call from Denmark Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, who he had called “nasty” earlier when she rejected his idea of buying Greenland in the latest row involving Trump and a traditional US ally.

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But on Friday the US number citizen appeared to reverse the courses, calling her “a wonderful woman.”

“We had a great conversation. We have a very good relationship with Denmark, and we agreed to speak later. But she was very nice. She put a call in, and I appreciated it very much,” Trump told reporters as he prepared to leave for the G7 summit in France.

Trump had earlier cancelled visiting Copenhagen next month after Frederiksen said Greenland, an autonomous region of Denmark, was not for sale.

The Denmark Prime Minister Frederiksen said she was both angry and surprised that the US president cancelled the planned visit.

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“Denmark and the US are not in crisis, the US is one of our closest allies and the invitation to visit was still open.” Denmark Prime Minister said.

In his remarks late Friday Trump did not say a word as to whether he will still make the trip or not.

Report on this will follow as soon as they are available.

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