Huawei Presents Own Operating System To Combat Google’s Android

Huawei Presents Own Operating System To Combat Google's Android - Surge Zirc SA
Chinese telecom heavy weight Huawei, that was threatened to lose access to Android because of US sanctions, has introduced a new operating system for its mobile phones / Photo file: AFP

The Chinese telecom heavyweight Huawei, that lost its partnership with Android in light of United State sanctions has on Friday presented a brand new operating system that will power its mobile phones.

The operating system is called “HarmonyOS”. It was presented by executive director Richard Yu at a group conference in Dongguan (southern China). “We want to bring more harmony in the world,” he stated, while Huawei is put on sanction by the United States, who presume him of spying to support Beijing.

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Huawei is the world number two in cell phones. The company was caught in May, by the turns and turns of the trade war between Beijing and Washington against a foundation of tech. rivalry.

The firm in Shenzhen (South China) has been working on its operating system since 2012 all alone but had to speed up the process following the US sanction.

The leader of 5G innovation Huawei, was sanctioned by the Trump administration, suspected of providing information to Chinese intelligence services, which the group denied completely.

Subsequently, American organizations are hypothetically never again permitted to sell technological items to them. Be that as it may, a three-month exclusion period – which finishes one week from now – was allowed by Washington.

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The sanction likewise concerns Google and the arrangement of its Android operating system, which powers by far most mobile phones in the world, including those of Huawei.

The company has in every case freely defended itself from wanting to supplant its Android telephones with home working operating system yet claims to be obliged by US sanctions.

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