Police Claim Victory Against Crime In Joburg CBD And Counterfeit Products

Police Minister Bheki Cele the Gauteng government has pledged to free Johannesburg CBD of crime.

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Police are back in the Johannesburg CBD conducting raids/photo file:Google

Police are back in the Johannesburg CBD leading raids on vendors selling claimed counterfeit products.

A week ago, police conflicted with sellers and needed to pull back from the city center area as they were being pelted with rocks and stones.

During the raid, police found a reserve of weapons in an office in Medical Towers. The weapons were found when police came back to direct attacks on vendors selling claimed fake products.

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The police are right now attacking structures used to store fake products and take part in human trafficking. An ongoing raid in the inner city has found structures being utilized as fake products processing factories.

Police Minister Bheki Cele the Gauteng government has pledged to free Johannesburg CBD of crime.

The raid in the Johannesburg CBD proceeds into the night as police crackdown on fake products. Specialists have applauded the accomplishment of Wednesday’s strike in the Joburg CBD.

said Police Minister Bheki Cele. “Governments are elected and the government takes decisions in an open way, so we had to come and see what is the story. I want to praise the police for the way they acted. It could have been a bloodbath if they acted the other way.”

Cele said those who fought with the police last week were protecting criminal activities in the CBD. He said guns that were confiscated would be sent for ballistic testing.

“We told the country and everybody that it was not as they said. We are not cowards. We believe we are doing the proper work as the SAPS and we will win this battle. I want to repeat, we can’t have co-governance with criminality,” Cele added.

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Gauteng Premier David Makhura said police intelligence was acting on information that 30 minibus taxis had delivered counterfeit goods at a particular building in Johannesburg.

“It was a strategy to simply protect the counterfeit goods that were brought into those buildings. Today, the police are doing their work and all their goods are destroying the economy.

“Nothing can be used to argue that this is a proper business. We are calling on the whole government to ensure that all our ports of entry are stopped,” said Makhura.

More than 600 foreigners were detained on Wednesday after the police carried out a second raid in the Johannesburg CBD.

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