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The attorney for Old Mutual CEO Peter Moyo said in light of the fact that the insurer was engaging his reinstatement, it didn’t mean he couldn’t keep on working.

Moyo has come back to the organization’s headquarters on Wednesday notwithstanding alerts that he ought not.

Old mutual had terminated him for what it said was a conflict of interest with respect to installments to NMT Capital, an organization he helped to establish.

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Yet, on Tuesday, the High Court in Johannesburg led the expulsion was unlawful and requested that Moyo be briefly restored.

Moyo’s attorney Eric Mabuza stated: “Their legal position is incorrect; the correct position is that the interim order is not suspended by the application for leave to appeal. If you want to suspend an interim order, you need to go to court.”

Mabuza said the reality of the discussions with Old Mutual required their senior counsel to be available.

But on Tuesday, the High Court in Johannesburg ruled the dismissal was unlawful and ordered that he be temporarily reinstated.

Moyo who described the insurance giant as a good company said he had a passion to work for the company and has nothing against the company itself.

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Whilst, Mabuza stated that the gravity of the discussion with Old Mutual needed their senior counsel to be present.

He said their senior board Advocate Dali Mpofu would join the meeting on Wednesday evening.

“We will continue talking but we’re waiting for their senior counsel to talk about what is happening.”

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