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United State Pulled down Iranian Drone With New ‘Jammer’ Technology

United State Pulled down Iranian Drone With New 'Jammer' Technology - Surge Zirc SA
Dalton Swanbeck/U.S. Navy/Handout / Photo file: Screengrab

At the time when the USS Boxer pulled down an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz, it was all amazing for new technology. The Wall Street Journal noted that the operation was the United State Navy’s first time to use MADIS (Marine Air Defense Integrated System), an anti-drone system adapted for sea operations.

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It’s quite amazing how it works. The new technology uses Jammers to make sure the drone lost communications with it root and force it to crash. There are other versions of MADIS that have the ability to fire at the drones and bring them down. We aren’t sure if the firing methord was how the Tehran’s drone was pulled down.

United State Defense Department is yet to officially revealed exactly what method was used to take down the Islamic Republic drone. It was gathered clearly that MADIS was present aboard with the Boxer at the time of the incident.

The action against Iran’s drone by the United State shows the extent of changes that have been made in the aspect of warfare. America has been working on different ways through which it can take action against military targets without firing a shot.

Recall that US reportedly used a cyberattack to disarm Iranian missile control systems in June this year. These method stops military targets without causing war immediately.

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You may wonder if really this will avoid causing escalations that could possibly bring about conventional military exchanges from both sides. While Iran hasn’t launched full-scale counterattacks of its own at this stage ‘its seizure of ships isn’t a straightforward response’, though it has in recent publications denied the US claim to have taken down it aircraft, saying that it national aircraft are all intact.

But it’s possible that the softer methods could still prompt fiercer reactions in certain circumstances if the Islamic Republic confirms that it drone was pulled down by the US.

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