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American Airline Brings WiFi To Its Entire Mainline Fleet

American Airlines Brings WiFi To Its Entire Mainline Fleet - Surge Zirc SA
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Those who will use American Airline for their next trip will enjoy more luxury than they have ever done as the corporation has said it’s bringing internet access, that means they will have internet access most of the way.

The company said it has just finished installing satellite based internet access to the fleet 700-plus narrowbody aircraft that deals with the company’s domestic rout

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Passengers will have either Gogo 2Ku or ViaSat Ka connections which will provide speedier and more consistent WiFi than the ground old solutions depending on where they are going to. American completed satellite broadband to its widebody aircraft about a year now.

The American airline company said it plans to install power outlets in every seat for its mainline and two-class regional fleets, and that it expects to bring tablet holders to most of it narrowbody aircrafts.

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Usually, you will have to pay to go online mid-flight, but now American offers free iOS Music streaming, while some others have been giving free text messaging. Currently, Delta is testing free WiFi. All of these is to do away with struggling with poor network mid-air or waiting to connect after landing.

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