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US Vents It’s Cyberattack Against Iranian Missile Control Systems

US Vents It's Cyberattack Against Iranian Missile Control Systems - Surge Zirc SA
This photo released by the official website of the Iranian Defense Ministry on Sunday, June 9, 2019, shows the Khordad 15, a new surface-to-air missile battery at an undisclosed location in Iran. The system uses locally made missiles that resemble the HAWK missiles that the U.S. once sold to the shah and later delivered to the Islamic Republic in the 1980s Iran-Contra scandal. (Iranian Defense Ministry via AP)

US from all indication have withheld a physical military reaction to Iran shooting down a drone, but that doesn’t mean that it have shown same level of restraint with a digital campaign, no, not at all. Washington Post sources revealed that the President greenlit a long-in-the-making cyberattack that acted immediately by taking down Iranian missile control computers on the night of June 20th.

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Though it’s not yet very clear on what the impact of the Cyber Command operation is, but it was described as “crippling”, something that made it absolutely difficult to recover, a tipster said.

Iran’s reaction to the attack from the US hasn’t been determined as yet, but it very clear that the impact was strongly felt.

The US officials have refused to comment on the details of the move against Iran with the Cyber Command stating that doing so could jeopardize its operations by discussing its online efforts.

The information comes just few days after word of the US planting offensive malware in Russia’s power grid and not much longer after US national security advisor John Bolton reavealed that the US was “broadening the areas” where it was prepared to use cyberwarfare.

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The US action following what Iran did shows how the use of cyberattacks has become a main-stay in all part of political strategy. They’re not just used to achieve long-term goals, as was the case when Stuxnet sabotaged Iran’s nuclear program. Under the elevated Cyber Command, they’re now performing in a more short-term actions that could frustrate a boiling threats and then apply political pressure for a more lasting result.

Sources: Engadget, Twitter

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