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Juul Deals With House Investigation Over Under-Aged E-Cigarette Use

Juul Deals With House Investigation Over Under-Aged E-Cigarette Use - Surge Zirc SA
A man displays his Juul electronic cigarette while shopping at a convenience store in Hoboken, N.J. U.S. health officials are scrambling to keep e-cigarettes away from teenagers amid an epidemic of underage use. But doctors face a new dilemma: there are few effective options for weening young people off nicotine vaping devices like Juul. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File)

Juul is going through a serious trouble time as it is perceived that it’s contributing to teen vaping. The House Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy has opened an investigation into “youth e-cigarette epidemic” to determine if Juul is marketing its e-cigarettes to kids.

The Committee Chairman Raja Krishnamoorthi has requested from Juul all of its documents from 2013 that has to deal with its advertising and social media strategies. The committee also demanded the impact of ads on under-aged children and its awareness of under-18 social network followers.

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They want Juul to include the covers less explicitly youth-oriented figures into the document that is to be submitted, such as Juul-related file on clinical trials to quit smoking. The committee is also interested in knowing about the idea behind the pens’ nicotine levels.

The committee is giving Juul until June 21st to submit all requested document. It’s already facing a Senate investigation that started in April.

In a statement Juul forwarded to Gizmodo, it said it “welcomed the opportunity” to comply with the demand. It also claimed to have conducted “aggressive, industry leading” efforts to reduce underage use of its product. It included that currently, there is a track-and-trace program which deals with identifying retailers who sell e-cigrettes to underage persons. ”We had previously pulled fruit flavors and closed some of our social network accounts.” it said.

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The claims above aren’t satisfying enough to the committee, because department like the Center for Disease Control have pinned a surge of teen tobacco use on the rise of vaping, and Juul happens to be one of the largest players in the vape industry.

Juul would need a strong evidence to enable it convince the committee that it didn’t knowingly allow the under-aged use of e-cigarette


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