Drake To Drop New Song In Celebration Of Raptors New Victory

Drake To Drop New Song In Celebration Of Raptors New Victory - Surge Zirc SA
Drake celebrating Raptors victory in a crazy way / Photo file: CBC

Drake lack words to express his joy following the success of the Raptors. The Toronto Raptors fan has celebrated his hometown’s team NBA victory by screaming on-top of his voices, parting with opening champagne bottles, and feels it’s not yet enough, he’s now taking it to another level.

Drake has promised to drop a new song Friday, a track he called 2 pack. He said so on his social media account.

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Meanwhile, the Toronto Raptors won Canada’s first NBA championship.

Immediately after the game ended, Drake took to his Instagram account to drop a post with a photo of a championship trophy along with the words, “Omerta” and “Money in the Grave” featuring Rick Ross. “The chip to the 6! See you tomorrow with a 2 Pack lets go.”

As a Raptors ambassador, Drake has been a court-side fixture at his home games for many years now.

Notwithstanding, we are still amazed at what is going on, as a lot of persons wants to know if the Drake curse has been forgotten or it is waiting to be resurrected at a later time. Lol.

Drake has posed for photos with sports players countless time, and then their teams would lose.

The Canadian super star “cursed” quite a number of sports players and teams while doing his Europe tour in 2018, which was why football club Roma jokingly ban its players from taking photos with him in April.

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For the records, Arsenal lost to Everton in Premier League battle after its player Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang attended a Drake show in London.

Manchester United lose in the FA Cup immediately after its players had a photo shoot with Drake. And finally UFC’s Conor McGregor lost a very important fight after he hung out with Drake.


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