#RIPNichume, MobiDixon Really Mistreated Nichume And Helped Her To Kill Herself?

It was apparent that she wanted quit just a week before she died and there are messages on her phone to prove so. Here are some of the texts.

#RIPNichume, MobiDixon Really Mistreat Nichume And Helped Her To Kill Herself?-Surge Zirc SA
Mobi Dixon with Nichume/Photo File: Google

The entertainment industry has been such a horror industry for one to live in. Whilst, Nichume Siwundla’s death remains a sad mystery to many solving the puzzle leading to her death gets more horrifying.

First it was “Wedding Bashers” hostess and singer Denise Zimba who got dragged by Twitter for Nichume Siwundla’s death, now it’s producer Mobi Dixon, real name Mabi Ntuli who is in the firing line.

We have witnessed how South African recording labels treat their artists. First it was Zahara who cried bitterly but because she was labelled a drunkard no one paid attention to her.

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Now, it is Emtee whom his recording label treated like he had borrowed his wealth from a loan shark. When Emtee cried foul play against Ambitiouz Entertainment and asked to be released from his contract. We all turned a blind to the black and young talented artist.

Well, it has come to light that Nichume’s death might be caused by how her producer who ill treated her and possibly led her to committing suicide.

It is really painful to learn that Nichume had a life outside music but was told to quit her career and focus only on music by Mobi Dixon.

Nichume was not managed well by Mobi Dixon. He did not register her at SAMRO and no royalties were paid to her. Mobi refused Nichume to attend the SAMAS. Nichume’s family to release a bombshell after the funeral.

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Why didn’t he register her at SAMRO? I smell something fishy here, wasn’t she suppose to get her royalties?

It turns out that her family and friends have come out to talk about the ill treatment that she went through and how devastated she was under the hand of Mobi Dixon.

According to ‘Man Not Barry Roux’ Mobi Dixon did not keep his end of the bargain.

Nichume completely depend on him for a living she couldn’t even afford to buy herself pads and had to ask money from him to buy pads and toiletries. Of which he will question her before giving her a mere R100.

It was apparent that she wanted quit just a week before she died and there are messages on her phone to prove so. Here are some of the texts.

It is also apparent that the highest salary that the singer has ever received was R3 500. What, only R3500? You have that correct folks no digits is missing there. How does one live a life of a rising star with just R3500?

This is really painful our artist should be managed well, who is next on the line? If we don’t speak on their behalf who will? Who knows which out artist through the same depressing situation but won’t speak up. Fortunately Sjava had the small courage to let the world know that not all that glitters in gold in the music industry.

The family of Nichume said Mobi Dixon was welcome to attend her funeral but he should be warned that they will speak their minds.

Hmmm, so Mobi has been milking one of our people. Living a high life at the expense of the other is never a good idea. It is really cold out there African child you need to be very vigilant of this monsters who come to you in the name of helping you reach your goals.


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