Nigerians React, Buhari Clamps Down On Media, Shut Down AIT, RayPo…

Nigerians React, Buhari Clamps Down On Media, Shut Down AIT, RayPo... - Surge Zirc SA
Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari / Photo file: Pulse

Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari has through the National Broadcasting Commission shut down the offices and services of DAAR Communication Group, Africa Independent Television and Raypower radio station.

According to the owner of DAAR Communications, Raymond Dokpesi, the president has been intimidating his media companies.

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Mr. Dokpesi made the allegation while speaking at a press conference in the company’s corporate headquarters in Abuja Thursday.

“I have it on strict authority and very assured information that the highest echelon of the government, the Presidency, queried and challenged the NBC that they were not doing their jobs: ‘How on earth could they be hearing and seeing on AIT what they termed hate speech? 

“Any criticism of this government is hate speech. The NBC is acting under the authority of the President and Commander-in-Chief. The licensing fees in Nigeria is one of the highest in the world. There is no country in the world where you have this type of exploitative fees. I have appealed for a reduction because the payments cannot be sustained by private broadcasters in Nigeria.”

Following the AIT licence withdrawal, the internet has been flaming with Nigerian both home and abroad dropping comments of how they feel. Read comment below…

”Buhari must be taking his inspiration from Australia where the police is clamping down of Media and pressmen. Buhari can only copy bad things not the good ones. If he is not travelling to Saudi Arabia where they specialize in killing journalist in their foreign embassy then, Buhari is copying neo-Nazism from Australia!”

”Opkari!!! The trouble started long time ago. You are a Media house . But you decide to associtated your self with failed party PDP and also brand your self with it.. Party will come and Party will go. Government will come and Government will go with time but Dopkpesi that should have being neutral and be peoples voice decide to pitch his tenth with PDP because of Egunje…

I am totally against radicalism of any government But. I am sorry the end of time is near because the country called is Nigeria ruined and finished probably on a cliff suspended by prayer, not individual or government institution like as we seen in other moving country.The leaders there knows this that is why everyone in on the que to loot before it finally wreck.”

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”Have you ever watch fox news or CNN? The democratic press, have a right to take sides if they so desire and the courts of law remain the only arbiter with the rights to reprimand the press. Buhari is a shameless dictator hiding in the cloak of a rigged election. The deception is over and now he wants to come clean and reveal his real self to those naive voters.”

”You are right about CNN/FOX taking side based on political ideology, but wrong comparing AIT/DAAR Communication with the US entities. Dokpesi is a politician, not bad, but he is also a political contractor, he has a case of collecting over 2 billion Naira from Jonathan’s government, so he cannot come to equity with clean hands. Although that is a separate case, having nothing to do with regulatory role of the NBC, but a compromised

”businessman like Dokpesi should not cry foul when need arises for him to face consequences of breach of the media law. NBC should not victimize anyone for political leaning, but must do its job when a media house violates extant laws and regulations set for the media industry. Nigeria will never come out of the wood if we continue to be sentimental whenever law is applied. The era of lawlessness under PDP/Jonathan is gone, every business must sit up or face the consequences of impunity.”

”Dokpesi is a politician and business executive. His media outfit is subject to the same freedoms guaranteed by the constitution on the democratic press. Mudoc the owner of Fox takes sides for different reasons, he may even take sides based on his business interests yet he lives and operates in the free world without molestation and harassment.

”Well Nigeria is spiraling into the quagmire of a full blown dictatorship on the watch of a sectional and vindictive primitive leadership led Muhammadu Buhari. Those of you who egg him on as he dismantles the pillars of democracy which were hard earned will be equally responsible for the consequences that will surely follow.


”See who is talking! If Buhari is a serious guy, the likes of Dokpesi, Mrs Madueke, Jona the fisherman and lot more, would all be in Okere Collage by now. Dokpesi accusing Buhari is more like the son-of-a-bitch calling out the son of a witch and saying how bad the son of a witch is.

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”So, the rich do cry? Dokpesi is ruing the high tax on Media? That is what poor people suffer on diverse fronts on daily basis. Everything is so expensive in Nigeria that poor people are suffocating. What is worse than “stamp tax.” People are forced to buy stamps when there are no functional post office in Nigeria; when in fact, they are not posting letters but buying stamps! Buhari’s Nigeria is fraud while Dokpesi and co., are racing Nigeria to the bottom with their Bullion Van democracy’s wheeling and dealing.”

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