Here Are The Best Time You Should Arrive For A Job Interview

Here Are The Best Time You Should Arrive For A Job Interview - Surge Zirc SA
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Looking for job is a big task, yet passing an interview after you found a job advert is yet a bigger task. As you proceed in the job interview process, you must realize that it’s not within your power dictate what the managers you speak to says, the type of question they ask you and which of them calls you back.

But there’s one major thing you could do that has the power to influence all that you couldn’t do, and that is arriving the interview venue early.  meanwhile, hiring professionals advised that riving early should be timed accurately.

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15 minutes early is the best time to arrive interview venue

Professionals in the hiring industry said that arriving 15 minutes early is the best. Amy Polefrone, the Chief Executive Officer of HR Strategy Group, revealed that 10-15 minutes early is better because it shows that “you’re ready, you’re eager and that you have your game face on.”

Josh Doody, a salary negotiation coach and former hiring executive, also recommends working towards arriving 15-minute early to mitigate “the potential problems that can arise from getting from point A to point B.”

When you’re 15 minutes early you might need to be checked in, picked up from reception and going through a slow elevator. Seating for a job interview is stressful, arriving with extra 15 minutes to spare eliminates one big source of stress.

“Arrive about 15 minutes before, because [in case] you have trouble at the last minute or the person is ready sooner, you’re in good stead then. Arriving late really sends a bad message, no matter what the reason,” Hartman said. “It demonstrates a lack of commitment.To ensure you arrive in the right time window, do a dry run of your route before the day of the interview, Hartman suggested, “particularly if it’s in a geography you’re not familiar with,” said Phyllis Hartman, founder of the human resources company PGHR Consulting.

Why arriving too early is a no no

expert also noted that showing up more than 15 minutes early can cause some problems for your interviewers, which will most likely affect their dealings with you.

“If you get there too early, it makes the interviewing team nervous and on edge, they’re wondering ‘Why is she here so early,’ and it makes the hiring team that is wrapping up other meetings feel rushed. You don’t want to do that. There is also a need to feel that, ‘Oh, I need to entertain this person.’’ Polefrone said.

Another expert also canceled arriving an hour early, saying it could be a sign of being desperate.

“Maybe I’m really eager, but maybe I’m also desperate. I still would prefer five minutes early to 30 minutes late,” Doody said

For video interviews, 5 minutes early is best

For your interview is scheduled to hold on video like on Google Hangouts or Skype, you still need to show your readiness.

Hartman said, “There’s no excuse [for being late] unless there is some kind of technical difficulty. Sometimes I think people think, ‘Well, this is going to be casual.’ You should still think through how you want to tell me who you are and what you can offer.”

Doody advised that interview candidates should be available at least five minutes early for virtual interviews to show that they are ready to press the “accept” for incoming video calls. “They should not be scrambling to get some water in a cup or close the door or find their ear bud,” he added.

Getting on the video call some minutes late shows that you were never ready and could affect your performance as you aren’t even mentally settled to react to questions with the accurate answers.

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“If we set up an interview for 11, and I call into the video interview at 11 and it says you’re not there, I’m frustrated right away. Implicitly, I think, ‘Oh they couldn’t even be on time for this interview, are they going to be on time for deliverables?’’ Doody said.

There is no such thing as best day and time for interview, depends on whenever you can arrive on time

Instead of tasking you pretty head on which day of the week and time of the day would be best for interview, stick to what you know about your schedule. The best time to do an interview is the time that you can actually make out for it.

“Pick a time that’s actually convenient for you. And if you’re given a choice, give the interviewer a few different times that you are available. I think the one thing you want to think about there is, ′How sure am I that can actually make this time?′ Don’t gamble,” Doody said.

Source: Huffpost

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