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UK Shuns US And Approved Huawei 5G Networks In ‘Non Core’ Tech

UK Shun US And Approved Huawei 5G Networks In 'Non Core' Tech - Surge Zirc SA
Engineers from EE the wireless network provider owned by BT Group Plc, inspect Huawei Technologies Co. 5G equipment overlooking St. Paul’s Cathedral during trials in the City of London, U.K., on Friday, March 15, 2019. Europe would fall behind the U.S. and China in the race to install the next generation of wireless networks if governments ban Chinese equipment supplier Huawei Technologies Co. over security fears, according to an internal assessment by Deutsche Telekom AG. Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Huawei is successfully installing its 5G networks in the UK despite calls from authorities in the US and other places to ban the company’s 5G networks. The British government went ahead to approve the company’s participation in what they called “non-core” parts of its next-gen roll-out. Currently it already has a presence in similar areas of the 4G network in the region. Such presence include antennas and other network components.

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Authorities like the UN are obviously not in agreement with the US claims regarding Huawei’s 5G networks and its envisaged negative impact if allowed, they called it a politically motivated result. The UK previously said it leaned towards these limitations without enacting a total ban. Within the UK territories, GCHQ director Jeremy Fleming said recently that it needed to understand the “threats posed” by Chinese technology.

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