This Is Not About Zahara, It’s All About Pastor Lukau

This Is Not About Zahara, It's All About Pastor Lukau - Surge Zirc SA
Controversial pastor Lukau having a handshake with Zahara / Photo file: Screengrab

A vital part of Zahara’s dilemma is unraveling as a video of the singer and guitarist meeting face-to-face with controversial pastor Lukau who claimed to have raised a dead man springs-up.

The singer has been in the news for negative reasons of late. Her manager has also blasted her, blaming her misfortune on her reckless drinking habit. But now, it’s quite clearer where she may have unknowingly attracted the bad-luck from.

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Having encounter with Pastor Lukau, a man that could raise the dead is something only the brave higher-mortals should do. It’s no longer a news that Elliot Moyo, the Zimbabwean stunt actor who had encounter with pastor Lukau, by acting as a dead man in an exposed fake miracle stunt has finally died. This time for real. I wonder why the pastor was not made to resurrect him again, could it be that the anointing has reduced.

The now embattled singer Zahara also had encounter with the same pastor Lukau in November 2018, where he promised to pray so all her problems will be over. Just five months later, Zahara went bankrupt and resorted to heavy drinking and is now being associated with all manner of demining stories.

It may not be easy to say, but why should a man who was caught on camera in a fraud as fleshy as faking resurrection be allowed to walk around freely, let alone still walking around by the name pastor? Unbelievable!!

Zahara from all indication left something at the point where she had a handshake with Lukau. She sincerely needs to go back and fetch whatever it was she left. Otherwise, going bankrupt and mortgaging her house to pay credit may be the least story we would hear about her soon.

This is not about Zahara, it’s about Lukau!!!

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Here’s the video of Zahara having a handshake with the Sandton pastor who staged a fake resurrection miracle with Elliot Moyo – now late for real. CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO

More victims are out-there. We hear of these ones because they went viral, more cases will come-up if giving the opportunity. We sympathize with ya’ll!!

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