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New Apple App Store Feature Will Require You To Confirm Subscription

The App Store applications is seen running on an Apple iPhone in this photo illustration on September 24, 2018. (Photo by Jaap Arriens / Sipa USA)

It’s a lot easier to mistakenly dull out some cash for a subscription while on the Apple App Store, mostly if you use TouchID. All it takes is for you to mistakenly do a click on the sub button on the home screen. Apple is currently addressing the issue by adding an extra step to the process so you don’t continue spending on something outside your budget.

With the new feature, if you click the subscribe button and authenticate with TouchID or FaceID, you won’t have it all straight anymore, you’ll simply be required to confirm your subscription or cancel the process. “The subscription will continue unless canceled in Settings at least one day before a subscription period ends.” It says.

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David Barnard who’s App’s developer noticed the change first, and 9to5Mac also confirmed that it’s up and running right now.

The giant tech company has been working on the App Store subscription process for some reasonable time now to keep unscrupulous developers out of it game. Apple started banning developers apps that usually hide real subscription fees in tiny print to trick users into agreeing to higher amounts than what they’re willing to pay since January.

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