Catch-Up With ‘Be-Bold Reality Gig’ On SurgeZircTV ‘Coming Soon’

Catch-Up With 'Be-Bold Reality Gig' On SurgeZircTV 'Coming Soon' - Surge Zirc SA
Be-Bold Reality Gig / Photo file: Ministry Ark

Surge Zirc TV is bringing to everyone a new reality show caption ‘Be-Bold Reality Gig’. The show which is originally programmed to start with arrival of ‘House Buddies’ to the house by 15 April will host house buddies for a period of 60 days.

Both male and female house buddies are expected to display qualities that portrays their real personalities which includes being Bold. In between the show, house buddies gets a voice over instruction that would require they pick a Game Card, after which a task dedicated to the picked number is read in voice-over demanding the house buddies who picked the card carry-out a task. ”The task could be anything,” Sam the initiator says. ”but it must be something that will create good entertainment, so the viewers out there will quickly connect to the show,” he added.

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The blogging website company, Surge Zirc is particularly working on initiating programs that will not only improve users experience on their website but also interested in bringing up programs that will be impactful to the previously disadvantaged youths of South Africa.

The visual reality show which will put up a total of eight (8) appearances in eight weeks will start evicting house buddies with the lowest vote from the third appearance. Viewers are expected to vote-out from the house house-buddies who fakes reality instead of being their real self.

The reality show clips which will be streamed on SurgeZircTV Channel on YouTube will also stream on SurgeZircTV page on the company’s blogging website. ”” Facebook and Twitter users can see the visual clip and watch it on their timeline but must visit SurgeZircTV page on the blog to vote for their favorite house buddies. Votes made outside SurgeZircTV page will not count, as voting on the right page will boost a house buddies bar.

How to vote

Viewers will be allowed to watch the show on Twitter and Facebook but must click the link to drop their vote on SurgeZircTV page. While of the page, scroll down to reveal the names of the house buddies and vote for your favorite house buddy to increase the bar. Note: The longest bar represents a stronger house buddy, while the smallest bar represents a weak buddy – which automatically shows up for eviction.

Social media streaming

To watch the show on Facebook, you must join ‘SurgeZircTV/Be-Bold Realty Gig’ closed group on Facebook. To watch the fun packed show on your Twitter timeline, simply follow @surgezircsa on Twitter.

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Social effect

Viewers are allowed to comment on the activities going on in the house, criticize and blast house buddies with love.


The media are allowed to develop a story from the activity going on in the house, embed the video URL on posts on their websites provided the video is not edited or reproduced.


Winner gets endorsement into acting, modelling, singing contract, while an undisclosed cash prize follows.


Potential partners are welcomed and should indicate interest to be part of the show via mail to [email protected]

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